The Company

GM Madeira Villas is a Madeiran building company based in Ponta do Sol and has been established since 2000 (under the licenced name of Gregorio e Mendes).

We have an enviable portfolio of over sixty individual high quality bespoke properties throughout Madeira. These have been built for international and local clients in both modern and traditional styles. Every home we build is unique in appearance, whilst they all share the same level of excellence.

The company prides itself in providing high levels of service, quality, materials and workmanship while maintaining long term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

The majority of properties are sold at the project stage, giving you freedom to choose the location, you can then design your dream home with our architect and select all your fixtures and fittings.

We fully adhere to EU, Portuguese and Madeiran laws ensuring a 100% legal purchase.

Our company is committed to the environment, to date we have planted over 4000 trees on the island.

The Team


Nelio Mendes has worked in the building construction industry for 21 years and founded the company in 2000 with his childhood friend Antonio. The company’s key objectives are to build exceptional quality homes at the highest standards in every project.

He works with the client from the beginning to gain a true understanding of what the customer wants and follows this through to post occupation of the completed project. Nelio gives constant customer liaison throughout the whole process.

During the construction phase he is the Project Manager, procures all materials and licences and works very closely with Antonio throughout the whole process.

Nelio speaks English and Portuguese.


Antonio Gregorio has worked in the building construction industry for the past 21 years and founded the company in 2000 with Nelio.

He is in charge and responsible for all the construction, heavy plant machinery and the building team.

Post Occupation

Setting up a new home, whether for holidays or as a permanent residence can be a very stressful event.

In order to make your move as easy as possible, part of our service is to make sure you are fully integrated with Madeiran life.

We help you set up all necessary registrations at the local offices, this includes utility companies, car licensing, residency, health, insurance and any others you may require.

We ensure that an explanation is provided for all items installed in our properties, including pools, lifts, white goods, cinemas and other services installations.

Should you use your property as a holiday home, we also offer a maintenance service that includes gardening, pool care and house cleaning if required.